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CBOE Study

June 26, 2012


Hi Everyone:


The Chicago Board Options Exchange “CBOE” has recently published a 23 year long study showing the results from option writing programs similar, in some ways to ours a link is below.

Our plans are designed to be more conservative than the ones they describe, and hence we will likely and intentionally have different results. Profits of course are not guaranteed, this link is provided as background information, and is not a promise, guarantee or warranty that such profits, if any shall occur.

Still, it’s a great study and if you ever think our strategies don’t have sound statistical backing, it may give you comfort.

Some of the differences between the study and what we are trying to do:

They have used a call writing program that writes the calls right at the money (BXM) or

2% out of the money (BXY)- both of these programs outperformed the S&P500™, the

2% out of the money, by 1.3% per year over the 23 years (that’s huge!)

Their put writing index, “PUT” sells at the money puts, ours sells puts that are pretty darn far out of the money!

Here’s the link:


PS: Another difference- we are actually doing it!


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