Call Writing for Corporate Insiders (Section 16 Filers)

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 Corporate Insiders (Section 16 filers) have a couple of bigger issues than simply using call option money (for more background on covered call writing click here) to supplement their income reduce risk or diversify their portfolio. You as an insider, have the government out there trying to “help” you.


 Each corporate insider when they sell a call option related to their company, must report the transaction with 2 days, that’s a nuisance and causes more work and publicity that most corporate officers and directors don’t care for.


 More, they must return to the company any short-term profits they may make including those on any options held less than six months.


 For these two above reason we feel that our Call Writing for Corporate  Insiders Program is perfect for these executives.


 This program does not write the call against the company stock to which our client is an insider. That one fact takes us out of the reporting and short term gains issues.


Call Writing for Corporate Insiders program endeavors is to write a group of options against indexes to which the stock is a part, ETF’s which hold the stock or an upside interest in it to generate their yields, or commodity plays based on indexes ETF’s should the company have a sufficient correlation to the commodities markets.


In short, this program does not deal in those stock options on the company shares, but upon the shares of ETF’s and indexes which usually have a greater return that the company shares.  We sell options against general market risk, industry risk or if appropriate commodity risk which the insiders are exposed to due to their holdings of a particular part of the markets, or industry.


In this way, you the insider, can get some return for those special risks you are taking as a market participant in general. Given the governments rules and regulations this is one of the best results possible, especially since many times the returns offered by the indexes and ETF’s even against a cut down amount of exposure will easily beat a full blown options writing program.


Take a look at our Highly Appreciated Securities Program “HASP™” for a more complete discussion of the benefits of our method of call writing.


If you would like to order a study, to share with your advisors detailing what might be available for you in your situation please email us using this link and we will be in touch with you with the process we use to deliver that to you.


And yes we can use your  incentive and non-qualified stock options in our studies to amplify the projected returns.


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