CBOE Study

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CBOE Study

June 26, 2012
Hi Everyone:
The Chicago Board Options Exchange “CBOE” has recently published a 23 year long study showing the results from option writing programs similar, in some ways to ours a link is below.
Our plans are designed to be more conservative than the ones they describe, and hence we will likely and intentionally have different results. Profits of…

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The Farmers Story

It’s a little different from the farmer’s deal, because these “developers” won’t actually buy the land (your assets) itself; rather, they just want a chance to get some of the value increase from it. If the markets go up significantly. They will pay you money today in exchange for that chance. This type of transaction is referred to as “selling call options.“..

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Wind At Your Back

Suppose we sell calls expiring in one year at a price that’s 10% higher than the stock is today (Say the stock is $100, we in this example sell the $110 calls, getting cash in today, and in exchange giving someone else the right but not the obligation to buy that stock from us at $110 for the year). If the stock also has a 2% dividend, which we collect…


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